Jersey Shore to Get Cast Member Who Is Actually From New Jersey


It seems that the fountain of Jersey Shore happenings will never run dry. The Post reports that a new cast member has joined the crew. Deena Nicole Cortese, of New Egypt, New Jersey, will be replacing villainous Angelina for Season 3.

Cortese, who describes herself as “fucking classy,” apparently got on the show because of her friendship with Snooki. She was a cheerleader in community college and seems to be just as into GTL as the rest of the cast. We checked out her cached MySpace page for some hints as to her character.

I’m a veryy fun person when you get to know me..But if I don’t enjoy’ll know it..I’m not a fake person..theres no time for fake smiles..I’ll just give you the cold shoulder..And if I feel like someones TRYING to step on my toess I’ll trip you mother fvckers real fast..I speak whats on my mind and usually don’t think before I say sometimes it gets me into trouble..

Watch out, “mother fvckers.” Trouble ahead?

Other clues to Deena’s personality and interests can be found in the quotes and images with which she’s decorated her page.

Welcome to our Thursday nights, Deena!