Kanye West Performs at Facebook, Disses Twitter


Yesterday, Kanye West traveled to tech world, baffling a crowd of cellphone-toting Facebook employees by performing in their Palo Alto cafeteria, a cappella, in a sharp suit and matching scarf. Why they couldn’t get him some sort of beat-delivery apparatus is unclear, though these raps sound more like fragments from September’s upcoming Good Ass Job than like random freestyles. (The “My chain heavy/My chain too heavy” bit is a ‘Ye hook if we’ve ever heard one.) Most scandalous, however, will be the shot West took at Twitter. With apologies for the epithet (as you’ll see, it’s not his): “Ya’ll forget I got called ‘nigger’ so many times on Twitter–yo I lived that!” The line was not, to put it mildly, unprovoked. Recall the reaction online, circa Taylor Swift:

Thankfully, someone’s pulled the actual video off YouTube, but you get the idea. TechCrunch also points out that ‘Ye was furious at Twitter before it became a vehicle for racially motivated attacks against him. Back then, people were merely impersonating him:

Techno-racism and virtual mistaken identity problems aside, let’s pause for a moment to acknowledge that these new raps sound pretty good: “My teeth already white. You gonna make me floss for nothing?!”

Update: Pitchfork suggests that the above song is called “Lost in the World.” They also have video of West performing another insanely emo new song, “Moma’s Boyfriend”:

Kanye West Raps About Getting Laid And Disses Twitter At Facebook [Video]

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