Kanye West Performs at Facebook, Disses Twitter


Yesterday, Kanye West traveled to tech world, baffling a crowd of cellphone-toting Facebook employees by performing in their Palo Alto cafeteria, a cappella, in a sharp suit and matching scarf. Why they couldn’t get him some sort of beat-delivery apparatus is unclear, though these raps sound more like fragments from September’s upcoming Good Ass Job than like random freestyles. (The “My chain heavy/My chain too heavy” bit is a ‘Ye hook if we’ve ever heard one.) Most scandalous, however, will be the shot West took at Twitter. With apologies for the epithet (as you’ll see, it’s not his): “Ya’ll forget I got called ‘nigger’ so many times on Twitter–yo I lived that!” The line was not, to put it mildly, unprovoked. Recall the reaction online, circa Taylor Swift:

Thankfully, someone’s pulled the actual video off YouTube, but you get the idea. TechCrunch also points out that ‘Ye was furious at Twitter before it became a vehicle for racially motivated attacks against him. Back then, people were merely impersonating him:

Techno-racism and virtual mistaken identity problems aside, let’s pause for a moment to acknowledge that these new raps sound pretty good: “My teeth already white. You gonna make me floss for nothing?!”

Update: Pitchfork suggests that the above song is called “Lost in the World.” They also have video of West performing another insanely emo new song, “Moma’s Boyfriend.”

Kanye West Raps About Getting Laid And Disses Twitter At Facebook [Video]