Morning Links: Barack Obama in NYC Today; Oil Flow in the Gulf Is Stopped, Maybe


• President Obama is in town today to film the View and attend some fund-raisers, including one at Anna Wintour’s house in the West Village that’s reportedly $30,400 a ticket. All for a good cause! [Bowery Boogie] [Observer]

• A passenger plane crashed in Pakistan this morning, killing all 152 people on board, including two Americans. [NYT]

• “I think – no guarantees – but I believe there will be no more oil flowing into the Gulf as of the 15th of July,” Bob Dudley told CNN’s “American Morning” on Wednesday. But, isn’t it the 28th of July? [CNN]

• The second sexy spy is not as hot as the first sexy spy. Also, she was busted for trying to smuggle night-vision scopes to Russia. And, she’s a “nice Jewish girl”! [NYDN]

• The “lying nun,” Mindy LeGrand, is getting death threats. [NYP]

• New York City, apparently, has rats. [NYC The Blog]