Outlaw Geese Flout Feds, Are Decidedly Not ‘Down’


Had you lost all hope for New York State’s beleaguered, massacred geese? Fear not! The Brooklyn Paper reports today that our avian friends are making a comeback. At least 37 geese have been seen in the lake in Prospect Park since the recent mass euthanasia, and the rebel birds are being aided and abetted by locals who are bringing them food. Gaza-bound flotillas, eat your heart out.

Apparently it’s only going to take a few months for the goose population to return to normal, if the geese continue thriving at this rate. Survival might not be so simple, though.

According to a Bryan Swift from the Department of Environmental Conservation, “most of the resident birds are completing their molt and beginning to fly or move around again. The birds that have just appeared may have been regular visitors of Prospect Park that happened to be somewhere else nearby when they molted this year.” In other words, these may have been lucky geese that timed their return to Prospect Park just right.

It’s kind of more fun to think that these geese went on the lam when the big bad euthanizers came around, though. Wonder what Mike Bloomberg has to say about this.