“Rat Zoo” Discovered in Lower Manhattan


NYC the Blog has posted a video of rats literally overrunning Collect Pond Park in Lower Manhattan, on Leonard Street between Centre and Lafayette. Of course, we’re all aware that New York has a lot of rats. But seriously, this is a lot of rats.

Blogger Paolo Mastrangelo saw (at his estimate) upwards of 40 rats scurrying around the dilapidated park.

Collect Pond Park is described on the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center website as “part dilapidated plaza, part Department of Transportation parking lot. At night, when the municipal workers have gone home, the unlit, unguarded area is noted for its populations of homeless individuals and idle youths.” Sounds like a primo environment for rats, no?

Mastrangelo told us that he’s aware of two other parks with rat problems, but Collect Pond is the worst he’s seen. He shot the video at around 7 PM when it was still fairly light out, which is “surprising because my experience with rats in the other parks is they don’t really come out till its dark.” He thinks the rats are living in the park’s bushes.

Even more unnerving: “Some were just chilling, like squirrels, meaning, they were not as scared as a normal rats and more just hung around keeping an eye on you but not really running away. One sat nearby, a couple feet away, and stared at me.”

We’re still waiting for word from the Parks Department on the threat from our new rat overlords.