Rick Ross Momentarily Thinks He’s Eminem, Is Quickly Disabused


Rap fans are now (perhaps overly) familiar with the plastic nature of reality as it appears to Miami rapper Rick Ross. So while Ross spent yesterday afternoon and evening gleefully proclaiming he had his fourth #1 record, it didn’t necessarily mean anything but that he wanted it to be his fourth #1 record, a la the rapper claiming to be MC Hammer, or Big Meech, or Larry Hoover, when he is clearly and objectively none of these people. In this case, it was Eminem’s spot he was gunning for, or had already assumed, when the actual numbers came in. Rick Ross’s Teflon Don? 176,000 copies sold! Eminem’s Recovery? Well, that one sold 187,000, and thus stayed atop the Billboard charts for the 5th week straight. Ross, meanwhile, has moved on “lambo weather” and made absolutely no acknowledgment of his #2 bow. Just another day in a rich man’s rich fantasy life. [Billboard]