Where Does Mel Gibson Go From Here?


As each new tape emerges of Mel Gibson‘s vicious ranting and unruly behavior, it seems like the only hope Mel has of a career is to package them all as a boxed set.

Still, I’d say he could have a future despite it all, mainly because:

(A) The public will forgive almost anything if someone puts out a movie they want to see.

(B) Mel is incredibly rich, and even if he gets the freeze-over from the entire industry, he can produce his own movies like before and hope for the best.

But the groveling and apologizing had better start really soon.

Mel should lay off the aggressive tack where he’d be calling Oksana an extortionist and an opportunist and a dirty so-and-so.

He’s already called her awful names! That’s how he got into this mess!

Now is the time to act humble, bury the rage, and play nice.

Even then, it’s going to be very hard for him to get a career back, but it’s only if Mel completely hangs up the hate that he’ll even have a spot in the playground.