Why Do We Eat Out Instead of Cooking at Home?


A new report aims to answer the question, “Why do we eat out in restaurants instead of going to supermarkets?” The results are unsurprising, of course: We eat out because it’s convenient (i.e., we’re lazy), or we’re in a hurry (i.e., we’re impatient), or we have some special craving (i.e., we’re pigs).

Per Nation’s Restaurant News, the report pointed out that restaurants benefited from the spike in the 1980s and ’90s for takeout due to more women joining the workforce and not having time to cook at home. But the number of new women workers is no longer growing, and yet the number of people dining out is, as is the demand for prepared foods in supermarkets. It’s no mystery: Surely, the figures run parallel to the growing rates of obesity, the spread of chain restaurants, and the development of new technologies that allow you to, say, order food from your phone or have a delivery person find you via GPS. Cooking at home has become a novelty, though prized by some, soon to be obsolete in most of the country.