Your Unlimited Metrocard Is Going to Cost You $130 (Or More)


We knew it would happen, and it did: Subway fares are going up early next year, according to a plan introduced today by the MTA. One proposal might mean your actually unlimited (a/k/a, no caps on number of rides per month, a/k/a, unlimited) metrocard will cost you $130 or more. Just for fun, that means your yearly cost in subway transit will be $1,560. Of course, this is all to ease “a $900 million shortfall for 2010 resulting from cuts to State assistance and dramatic downturns in tax revenue,” they say, according to NBC NY.

Also proposed: The $2.25 per ride cost will stay the same, but you’ll get less of a bonus when you get your discount card, and the minimum for a new card will be $10 instead of $8. And on the LIRR and Metro North, tickets will go up from 7.6% to 9.4% and off-peak discounts will be greatly reduced, and tolls will increase as well.

But it’s not all for nothing, oh no. Here is a crazy animated rendering of what the $3.2 billion Lower Manhattan transit hub may resemble, from the Wall Street Journal. Nice to see what you’re paying for!