Agua Dulce Grows a Carniceria


Agua Dulce is getting a downstairs neighbor this fall. Carniceria AD, as the name suggests, will be a pan-Latin, meat-centric restaurant, helmed by Agua Dulce’s Ulrich Sterling. A press release describes the 30-seat room as “a clubby little space devoted solely to beef and the Latin flavors that go so well with it; as well as Latin beers, good wines, and Latin flavored sundaes.”

Expect several cuts of beef on the menu, as well as the requisite burger (of the bacon-cheese variety), smoky pork chorizo, and smoked short ribs. The menu will also feature several anticuchos, traditionally marinated and grilled organ meat on a stick sold on the streets of Peru. Here, the skewers will include organic chicken, chimichurri shrimp, and skirt steak. Ho hum.

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