Barack Obama Speaks on Mel Gibson, Snooki, Justin Bieber, and Other Very Important Issues


8+++++++9President Obama appeared on morning lady-gabfest The View today to discuss a lot of things, including some of our favorite fluffy pop-culture topics. Some think that the highest office in the land shouldn’t deign to drop in on such a program, but we had been waiting with bated breath for Barack’s opinion on MelGate, Snooki and the Bieb. Behold:

On Snooki: “I don’t know who Snooki is.” (Not true! Gawker caught him in a lie. Either that, or he never knew who she was in the first place — more likely).

On Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding: “I was not invited, because I think Hillary and Bill properly want to keep this as a thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband.” (Too bad. He’ll miss out on the lavish porta-potties).

On the Issue of Who Will Get an Invite to Malia Obama’s Future Wedding: “I’m letting you guys know now — you all probably will not be invited to Malia’s wedding.”

On Whether or Not Mel Gibson Needs Anger Management: “Let me answer the Afghanistan question.”

On Whether or Not President Obama Knows that Lindsay Lohan is in Jail: “I actually know that…”

On the Presence of Justin Bieber on President Obama’s iPod: “I do not have Justin Bieber on there.”

On Twitter: “I don’t Tweet, although there’s a presidential Tweet [sic] … some 20-year-old does most of the Tweeting.”

Well, there you have it. The leader of the free world weighs in on some of the more pressing issues of our time.

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