Download A Free El-P + Camu Tao EP, Forever Frozen In Television Time


King of Hearts, the long-awaited posthumous solo debut from Def Jux rapper-producer Camu Tao (who died of cancer in 2008), is finally coming out August 17. To whet your appetite, the label’s offering a free download of a 2005 EP called Forever Frozen in Television Time, credited to Central Services, a/k/a Camu and label boss El-P. Cam sounds more like Mike Patton or Cody ChestnuTT or any other avant-garde enigma you’d care to name than, you know, a plain old rapper; his favorite phrase is “Fuck me.” He says it, like, a lot. “What Would God Do?” sounds more like deranged psych-garage than anything else. “Submarine” digresses into a grisly rewrite of Kelis’ “Milkshake.” The last two songs are “I Need a New Drug” and “Oxycontin.” It’s not at all soothing. It’s not supposed to be.