Gay-Hater Larry Adams Admits He Faced “That Temptation”


Check out this video interview with Larry Adams, the Bible thumper who advocates death for gay couples because that’s what God wants, after all.

Around the 2:55 mark, the Adams family member admits that he himself has faced the temptation to choose cornholing with men, but because he knew that urge came from the devil, he nobly resisted it.

(Funny, that’s why I like it!)

Like so many hatemongers, Larry has grappled with the same hot attractions he’s devoted himself to demonizing, all in the name of God’s will.

In fact, Larry admits that until he started reading the Bible at around age 40, he was all messed up and unsure of what was right and wrong, values-wise.

But now he knows.

And so do I:

The guy is clearly another self-hating closet case who can’t bear the fact that everyone else is OK with it!