Gramercy Tavern Bartender Aims for Own Brew Pub


Care to boost this beaming brewer?

Brad Hillman, the Gramercy Tavern bartender whose smoked porter knocked our socks off at last year’s Good Beer event and whose home-brewing adventures Fork in the Road chronicled, had — yet again — one of the best beers this year, a tart, layered Gueuze-style ale called Madcap.

It uses Brettanomyces yeast, whose potent charms are best depicted in an adorable video in which CHOW senior editor (and Fork in the Road friend) Lessley Anderson dreamily describes its piquant aroma — which some have compared to old socks or body odor — in her favorite beer.

Hillman, not content with quietly brewing while bartending, is aiming high and hopes to open his own brewery/restaurant/bar in either Brooklyn or Manhattan. Although he has some interested parties, he’s still looking for investors. Given his cred as a Gramercy Tavern barkeep and a buzzed-about home-brewer, suds-heads with cash might take note. Email him at