Just Sweet: New Shaved Ice, Crepes, Bubble Tea, Ice Cream in the East Village


Grub Street reported yesterday that Just Sweet, a new shaved-ice dessert spot, had opened in the East Village, and today we dragged ourselves through the humid primordial soup outside to check it out ourselves.

Five shaved ices are on offer: Mango Lover, Strawberry Delight, Bean Town, Tropical Paradis (sic), and Patbingsu — that last being the Korean style of shaved ice, topped with condensed milk, matcha powder, and cornflakes. The place also serves crepes filled with various fruits and ice creams, sundaes, bubble tea, and tong shui, sweet Cantonese soup.

The Bean Town shaved ice ($5.50) is topped with a flurry of sweetened red adzuki and green mung beans, plus pleasantly gummy mochi and chewy sago balls that look like giant blueberries. Each bite is faintly sugary, a bit starchy-beany, and so cooling that it made us feel pathetically grateful.

Just Sweet
83 Third Avenue