Kanye West. Performing At Twitter HQ. Oh Yes.


Exciting times for Kanye West, eh? First came video of his Twitter-dissing freestyle at Facebook headquarters, a video whose release was immediately followed by his, uh, starting an official Kanye West Twitter account. And now here’s another video of him… performing… at… Twitter’s… headquarters. Good: “My first watch was a Fossil/Now I’m in the Louvre, looking for fossils.” Better: declaring himself “like a mix between Fergie and Jesus.”

Meanwhile, the most intriguing reaction to all this action so far comes from none other than John Mayer!

Debatable! But fascinating nonetheless! And this after officially welcoming Kanye to Twitter and offering some advice: “Try not to use it as a marketing device. Tweeps will see through it. Give them YOU.” Can you imagine like a Kanye-Mayer symposium, just two dudes sitting in comfortable chairs, onstage, talking to one another about the joys and perils of celebrity? How much would you pay to see something like that? $10,000? $50,000? Can someone in a position of power make this happen, like now? Are Google’s headquarters available tomorrow?