Looming Disaster: Ali Koehler, Best Coast’s New Drummer, Is Allergic To Cats


Here’s, courtesy the Guardian, is a wildly amusing as-told-to chat with Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, who remains somewhat of an obsession for us these days, in large part due to her obsessions: namely, her cats. Lots of choice lines here, from “I’d sooner talk about my cats than my music” to “I leave Snacks with Nathan Wavves sometimes when we go away on tour. Do I worry about Snacks getting tinnitus? No! He just watches Nathan play video games.” But our favorite part is even more frivolous:

How do the rest of the band get on with my cat obsession? We’ve just got a new drummer, Ali, from the Vivian Girls, and she’s allergic, but she’ll get over it.

Can you imagine how difficult it’d be to get the gig as Best Coast’s new drummer despite being allergic to cats? How awkward was the interval of silence that followed that revelation? Can such an ailment be “gotten over,” and what does that entail, exactly? And how was it determined that Snacks hates “Sun Was High (And So Was I)”? Tune in next time.