Morning Links: Barack Obama Chats Up the View Ladies; Goldman Sachs Bans F- and S-Bombs in Emails (WTF!?)


• Barbara Walters channeled Bret Michaels at yesterday’s taping of The View with President Obama: “In the last month, what has been the rose and what has been the thorn?” she asked. The show airs today. Obama also ate a sub in New Jersey, dined at the Plaza, and attended a very expensive fundraiser at Anna Wintour’s West Village home. [ABC, DNAInfo]

• Governor Paterson has been cleared of criminal acts — but not poor judgment — in his handling of a domestic violence case involving top aide David Johnson. [NYT]

• Employees at Goldman Sachs are no longer allowed to use curse words in their emails, apparently — not even with asterisks. But how will anything get done? [WSJ]

• The FAA will temporarily ban flights below 2,000 feet for the area surrounding the estate on the Hudson River where Chelsea Clinton is to be married. [NYT]

• A weakened version of Arizona’s immigration law is now in effect after a judge blocked the most controversial portions yesterday. [CNN]

• The southbound lanes of the Throgs Neck Bridge was closed in both directions this morning while police investigated a vehicle that had been left running under the bridge. It turned out to be harmless. [NBC NY]

• Okay, okay, it’s the summer of bedbugs. [EV Grieve]