Reality Stars Bring Gossip Down


In the good old days, we used to gossip about actors, singers, and athletes — people who actually did something.

Some of them were shlocky, but they basically had entered the entertainment arena because of a certain talent and an ability to apply it, and their professionalism gave them a glow of importance and newsworthiness.

But now, half the gossip pages out there are filled with Snooki, the Real Housewives, and other reality stars who’ve made a splash simply because they’re brazen, shameless, and totally skank.

I usually resent reading gossip about these people because:

(a) A lot of it is made up by the networks, who calculate every moment of the shows and their personalities to create confrontation and interest.

(B) These people act up for a living, so it becomes incredibly boring to read about their icky behavior. It’s like reading gossip about how a snake bit someone or a dog has mange. Yawn!

Thank God for real stars who fuck up.

Thank you, Mel Gibson!