Student Sues After Night in the Slammer for Bringing Dog on the Subway


​Most people probably don’t even know it’s a law to keep traveling pups in doggie bags on the subway, since dog owners carry them around as though they’re cute to everyone (they’re not). One Brooklyn College accounting student learned a tough lesson from a pushy cop who sent her to the big house for a nightmarish stay (no dogs allowed, natch). She’s now treating the cop to a lawsuit in return.

Officer Jessica Gavaras stopped Icelyn Garcia, and told her that her dog, Louie, must be put into a carrying case. Garcia, like everyone else about to receive a ticket, pleaded for the cop to let her off the hook and had her cousin take the dog out of the station. But the cop wouldn’t bend and held onto her license, according to the Post. Then, Garcia took out her cell phone to check the time, setting off a tug-of-war for the phone between her and the cop, she said.

Shocker: the cop won. She ‘cuffed Garcia, charged her with disorderly conduct, and sent her to jail, where — another shocker — the clean-cut woman met some sketchy characters. “A prostitute offered me a job,” she told the Post. Some women hid drugs in their body cavities, while others fought with each other. Just like the movies! In the end, the charge was dismissed, except that’s not the end, because now, Garcia is suing for wrongful arrest.

In other harsh cop news, Agent Daniel Chu, the agent who made waves when Councilman Dan Halloran busted him for blowing through stop signs while gabbing on a cell phone and parking illegally on June 14, wasn’t softened by the incident. A month later, he served a woman a ticket for parking at an expired meter while she was fixing her flat tire. What’s that line about chivalry again?

A judge dismissed the ticket, and now, Chu must undergo Police Academy retraining, including sensitivity training, an NYPD spokesman told the Daily News yesterday.

So, people, be on your best behavior. If you get into a scuffle with a cop, uniformed officer almost always beats civilian, until it comes back and bites them in the ass.