The Best Tweets of Kanye West’s First 24 Hours on Twitter


Even as we write this, Kanye West is cruising through New York in a Maybach, listening to Andre Rieu’s recording of the “William Tell Overture,” talking about the genius of classical music and the hardship of dating models (too many cigarettes and small dogs). We know this because yesterday the world’s greatest blogger joined Twitter (then performed there), where he’s swiftly become all you could hope for in terms of a social media correspondent. So although it’s only been 24 hours, and we have to assume there are innumerable delights waiting for us in the future, it seemed only right to memorialize ‘Ye’s first day on the microblogging service with a few, selected Tweets. As in:


This one just happened. I mean…

One question we’ll ultimately have to answer is to what extent he’s doing self-parody here. Like, probably a lot, right? But at the same time, this stuff may entirely be true, too. Anyway here are the goblets:

And the world rejoices.


And thus Jimmy Fallon joined MTV, The Fader, Pitchfork, and…Idolator (?!) in the slim ranks of people to whom Kanye has reached out so far. Why? Probably even Jimmy Fallon doesn’t know why.

Think we may be on our way to answering the self-parody/self-awareness question.


And so it became that you could never get on a plane again without someone reprising Kanye’s spelling of “stewardess.”

Don’t worry ‘Ye. You get used to it.