Tracy Morgan Filming His First HBO Special at the Apollo This September–and You Can Attend (For a Small Fee)


Let’s take a moment from our regularly scheduled programming to notify you about something we tangentially cover here at Sound of the City, that I’ve personally deemed very, very important. Specifically that Tracy Morgan will be filming his very first HBO special at the Apollo this fall and it’s open to the public. The engagement takes place over the course of two nights–Friday, September 24 (the same night as the last bait-and-switch Pavement show, but eff them) and Saturday, September 25–and tickets are relatively inexpensive in the context of these things: $30 face, with another $12 or so in extraneous charges. (Plenty left, it seems, so have at it.) Let it also be known that Jordan, when not trying to hide the fact that he’s been faithful to his onscreen wife Angie on 30 Rock, works blue. So blue that a steady stream of uptight perms walked out of his Carnegie Hall performance last November. And so when Morgan promises in the event press release that the “special is going to be all the elements: fire, water, earth, air”–in other words, “the Avatar of comedy experience”–it’ll be more like the Avatar porn of comedy experience. So: like nothing you’ve ever seen before. And very, very blue.