Your Social Life Can Keep You Alive


Great news! Socializing is as important to overall health as exercising, abstaining from smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight, according to Brigham Young University researchers. And it’s so much easier and more fun than all of those things — especially when booze is involved, which, of course, is good for your health, too!

Weak social ties are as harmful to well-being as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, according to the New York Times article on the research. So, if you chain smoke but chit-chat while puffing, do the activities neutralize each other? That’s still unclear; more research is necessary. But this is a great excuse to go out every night of the week. No, really, it’s good for you.

The researchers reviewed 148 studies that included 308,849 participants and found that people with strong social connections had a 50 percent reduced risk of dying over a period of time.

Now, let’s all go out for drinks to celebrate our decreased risk of dying!…or something like that.