Boozers Have the Best Vocabularies


You may remember “If You’re an Educated Woman, You Probably Have a Drinking Problem” — unless you’re too educated (or drunk) to remember it. Now we’ve found the brilliant “People of Class Drink Alcohol” from Discover — yeah, a science magazine — in which author Razib Khan crunches the numbers and finds that drinkers totally have the best vocabularies, and are therefore clearly the most shrewd, knowledgeable, witty, and clever personages ever there were, as long as they’re not passed out or puking.

Look at this awesome chart.

A toast to you, Khan, on this felicitous Day of Venus! (Happy Friday, all of you alcoholic drunkard sot wino guzzler rummies! Go get soused.)

Also, according to a 1987 study, 30 percent of writers were alcoholics as opposed to 7 percent of non-writers. Interesting.