Coffee for the Very Patient: 18-Hour Slow-Drip ‘Kyoto’ Coffee


Earlier today saw instant-gratification coffee delivered to the masses via an Italian espresso maestro handing out shots at Lincoln Center.

Downtown, they make you wait: At month-old Caffetteria SoHo, Blue Bottle Coffee vets brew coffee at room temperature for 18 hours before depositing it into your under-caffeinated paws.

Called “Kyoto,” this style is “like making coffee with a filter cone and an eyedropper,” Oliver Strand writes in the Times. The contraption itself is pleasant to behold — a lab-like contraption with a swirling test tube — and Strand compares its delicate flavor to “aged rum or bourbon.”

Just try to remember the name when you walk in the café door: Strand reports one barista saying, “Sometimes I get the random ‘Osaka’ … but I’ll know what they mean.”