Here’s the Worst Facebook Posting in History!


Out of many horrible Facebook postings through the years.

It comes courtesy of our own regular commenter OsamaBinCrosby.

He was recently friended by someone from his high school days, a gal who’s now married with children.

And next to her FB profile photo is the following deeply touching maternal message:

“TO MY KIDS: I will stalk you, freak out on you, lecture you, drive you crazy, be your nightmare, embarrass you in front of your friends, hunt you down like a bloodhound until the day you understand why I do it.

“Then I will know you are a responsible adult. All because **I love you**

“You will never find someone who loves you and cares about you more than your parents!! Copy and paste if you feel the same!”

Eek. I don’t think this woman should ever be allowed to use the phrase “responsible adult” in public.

Says BinCrosby, ” ‘Copy and paste?’ I was thinking more ‘rip and wipe’!”