Kanye West vs. Budget Kanye West: A Tweet-Off


Yesterday we wrote about Kanye West’s new Twitter. As Zach points out in SOTC’s Week in Review, it’s now been joined by the Budget Kanye West account (@budgetkanyewest). Budget Kanye tweets about deals he finds at Wal-Mart and reminds us that kitchen shears are a ripoff if you already have scissors. His location is Forever 21, and his website is

Herewith, a tweet-off between the lavish Kanye and his thrifty cousin:


Both Kanyes confidently dish out personal finance advice, although Real Kanye’s is of the baller variety.


Budget Kanye takes the bus, presumably to stay in touch with regular folk. Real Kanye can’t seem to find a sufficiently large jet.


Budget Kanye expounds on the benefits of bootcut pants, which we stopped wearing in 2006. They are the “byfocals of pants” (if anyone understands what this means, drop us a line). Meanwhile, Real ‘Ye rocks fancy schmancy ties from clothier J.Press.


Real Kanye has Budget Kanye beat on this one, although Budget is up to 175 as of this posting.

What’s brilliant about Budget is that he’s got all the swagger of Real, just none of the cash. #ITSAPROCESS lol!!