NYPD to Crime Tipsters: TXT US N E THING U KNO, K?


Calling the NYPD tip line to report criminal activity is sooo last century. On Tuesday, cops will kick off a campaign to promote sending texts to Crime Stoppers, according to the Daily News. The techie promotional boost will also highlight the NYPD’s Twitter and YouTube pages. Lesson: If you see something, tweet something.

So, after you follow Kanye, which you probably already have, follow the NYPD — it’s basically Web 2.0 Unsolved Mysteries.

The new push will include the distribution of 2,000 handout cards (which is dust in the wind in this city), and an advertising campaign, so prepare to have your nightly news inundated by messages to text the po’.

As you’ll probably hear via next week’s commercials, if you have a tip for the cops, here are the deets…

We called the number to see if there’s a less cumbersome way to text (without including “TIP577” in the message body), but after 15 minutes of “All detectives are currently busy, please continue to hold,” we thought we’d pass along the wisdom that you’re better off just texting — we’ll update if they streamline the process by Tuesday.