Perdue Calls for New Chicken Labels; Dairy Queen Seeks to Stop Blizzard Infringement


The latest addition to the ever-growing list of food recalls: frozen mice. MiceDirect, which provides mice as snake food for pet owners, is recalling millions of frozen mice due to potential salmonella poisoning.
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Katie Holmes is flying in her favorite cupcakes, made by Todd English’s 16-year-old daughter under the name Isabelle’s Curly Cakes, to the set of her TV miniseries.
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Perdue is leading a push to change chicken labeling guidelines, restricting poultry that has been injected with artificial flavorings or preservatives from being called natural.

A roundup of foods to not only put you in the mood but also promote sexual health includes asparagus, oysters, almonds, bananas, basil, and chocolate.

Dairy Queen has taken Yogubliz to court in an effort to get the company to stop selling Blizz Frozen Yogurt, which it says sounds too much like DQ’s signature Blizzard.

Britain’s public health minister is calling for the term “fat” to replace “obese” in the public discourse on weight, as it will cause people to take it more seriously.