PETA Stages Grossest Protest Ever in Times Square


Be forewarned: If you haven’t chowed that burger for lunch yet, you may not want to look at this. The always creative PETA has once again reminded people that they believe meat is murder — this time to the apparent torture of three of their own ill-fated activists, who packaged themselves in (environmentally friendly?) Saran Wrap, covered themselves in fake blood, and hung out in 90 degree heat in Times Square only to be ogled by tourists on the way to enjoy a nice pre-theater steak who must have mused, “Golly, New Yorkers sure are odd.”

The PETA Blog reports:

The thought of chewing and swallowing the skin and muscle of a murder victim surely ruined some viewers’ appetites for flesh food. It’s the appropriate response to witnessing a gruesome display of the corpses of those who have been tormented and killed — you know, like in the butcher department of your supermarket. Let’s face it, every piece of meat comes from an individual who suffered miserably and died violently.

Except, so far as we understood (and we were even vegetarians for a while!), meat doesn’t come from “individuals,” it comes from “animals.” Cannibalism, now, we would protest that.

Gotta say, we like looking at this lady dressed in lettuce a lot better. In fact, she sort of makes us hungry.

[via Gothamist]