Sad Things for Lonely People: Anna Chapman’s Hot Spy Mugshot


Have you grown bored with the same old Anna Chapman images (you know, the sexy spy! The first one!) that have been circulating the Internet for untold weary days? Take heart, sad and lonely people, the summer’s not over yet. A new Chapman image is now available, proving that arrests and deportation and various covert and alleged activities only serve to make a sexy lady sexier. How does she do her eye makeup like that? Could it be natural?

The police photographs of Chapman and her nine spy friends were taken shortly after their arrest. And Anna’s, per the New York Post, who’s clearly crushing, “showed that even on a police mugshot the suspected Russian spy could retain the poise and glamor that made her famous during last month’s spy scandal.”

The other spy’s photos, however, mmm, not so much. Proving to our grave dismay that all spies are not, indeed, hot, and some, in fact, are downright challenged in the looks department.

Except Mikhail Semenko, who could do with a good night’s sleep, but is definitely in contention for hottest male spy. (We’ve always been partial to that “C’mon, just one last vodka shot after a long night of drinking!” look.)

Now, this is interesting:

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Prime Minister, revealed at the weekend that he met all ten spies after their return and sang old KGB songs with them.

Just everyday protocol after a spy swap?

[via New York Post]