Special Things for People Without Summer Fridays: The Internet’s Latest Local News Story Gone Viral (Video!)


This, dear friends, is the meme of the day in nerd-web circles, according to those in the know. In the video from local Alabama news station WAFF, Antoine Dodson speaks in the aftermath of an intruder climbing into bed with his sister in their Huntsville home and attempting to rape her. Antoine intervened and the would-be attacker got away, leaving his shirt. The video, meanwhile, has gone from under a thousand views yesterday to almost 300,000. Watch, and you’ll see why.

Being cynical sorts, we suspected this of being some sort of Internet hoax. It is not. According to the reporter, Elizabeth Gentle,


I can confirm the video and story are real. I am the reporter who covered it. All I can really say is I had no idea it would turn into an internet success.


There will be a follow-up tonight, and no, the suspect has not yet been caught.

Full disclosure: We grew up in one of the Huntsville’s neighboring towns. But we do not know Antoine, although we rather wish we did.