‘The NYPD Tapes’ Sergeant Indicted, Arraigned in Brooklyn


The New York Post is reporting today that a New York City police department sergeant whose voice was heard on Village Voice writer Graham Rayman’s police expose, The NYPD Tapes, has been indicted by a Brooklyn grand jury for perjury and filing a false report.

Rayman is now reporting that they’re currently in the process of being arraigned in Supreme Court in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: Both cops pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to return to court on October 15th. The Voice tried contacting the officers’ lawyer and are awaiting comment from him. John Norinsburg, attorney for Adrian Schoolcraft — the NYPD officer who provided Rayman with the recordings of internal NYPD conversations — noted: “It’s certainly extraordinary, but entirely consistent with the kind of corruption that’s been going on at the 81st Precinct. We do not believe that this is an isolated instance. We believe that further instances will be uncovered.”

In the series the Voice reported that supervisors were ordering officers to make arrests at times when they had not witnessed any misconduct themselves, which of course, is illegal. More as we get it.


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