Was Ellen Axed?


I’m a little bit suspicious whenever I hear of someone stepping down from a lucrative TV job.

I always question the truth behind someone saying “This wasn’t the right fit” as they exit a big paycheck that puts their face out to kazillions of people on a weekly basis.

I mean, did anyone really believe Kathie Lee stepped down from her show with Regis because she wanted to focus more on her singing?

So when it was announced yesterday that Ellen DeGeneres was leaving American Idol, I had to cynically wonder:

Might it be because the show’s ratings went down in the last year?

And she didn’t get on well with Simon?

And THEY thought it wasn’t a good fit?

Might this not have been an axing, similar to the way fellow judge Kara DioGuardi was canned moments later from the show?

(My, things are happening very quickly over in A.I. land. Why are all the women suddenly bye-bye? And why doesn’t Kara deserve the “I’m quitting” cover-up?)

Whatever the case, Ellen still has her comfy daytime job where she’s the boss, so I doubt she’s overly upset about all this.

In fact, she might just be secretly doing that little happy dance of hers.