Week in Review: Bootcut Shorts


In the week the words “Kanye West” became synonymous with social media, the rapper performed at Facebook while dissing Twitter, performed at Twitter while dissing his mother’s old boyfriends, then joined Twitter, a thing he turned out to be pretty good at. And then, as was inevitable, a new god rose: @BudgetKanyeWest. Follow him while it lasts.

Oh, M.I.A. A debacle at HARD Festival prompted us to ask if the singer’s 2010 is cursed. Then, in act of debatable wisdom, she threatened to make up the show entirely. Take a vacation Maya!

Questions for the weekend: Just how homophobic is rap in 2010? What if these 10 rap supergroups had actually happened?

We went barhopping with Unsane, who made us puke, talked to Anamanaguchi about their score for the Scott Pilgrim video game, and caught up with singer-turned-actor-turned-singer Seu Jorge, who’s back with a new, raucous record.

“You know who I feel like? I feel like I’m motherfucking Mel Gibson!”, is what the hilarious Berkeley/internet rapper Lil B said at Santos Party House last Saturday. Best Coast and Free Energy didn’t say much at all at the South Street Seaport. Cap’n Jazz reunited at Brooklyn Bowl. The Flaming Lips brought their cannons, their crowd-surfing bubble, and their monkey impersonations to Central Park. The National saluted the dead geese of Prospect Park. Tom Petty looked like an anorexic monkey but sounded like a champ at MSG. Keepaway and Javelin played on a boat. And Die Antwoord kicked our writer in the head at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

Plus the return of Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, Jelly NYC‘s very bad week, RIP Melvin Bliss, Rick Ross hallucinates a #1 record, Frankie and the Outs go begging on Kickstarter, Ice-T begs the NYPD to find a body in his trunk, and we memorialize all the emo tweeters who didn’t make it into Cap’n Jazz on Sunday. Looking for something to do this weekend? Consult our nightlife guide, featuring the Martinez Brothers, Animal Collective (DJ-ing), and Afrika Bambaataa (probably), or see Ted Leo for free on Sunday at Brooklyn Bowl. We’re back on Monday.