823 People Support Ex-NY State Senator, Face-Slasher Hiram Monserrate


The former New York pol, expelled in February from the state senate for his misdemeanor assault conviction, is clinging to a career in state politics, having collected the 823 signatures necessary to make the ballot in Queens’ 39th Assembly District. Just after his trial — in which he was initially accused of slashing his girlfriend in the face with broken glass only to have her change her story in a fairly obvious cover-up — Monserrate gunned for his old seat and lost. But fitting the profile of an abusive egomaniac, he’s back with the help of his 823 friends. “I look forward to making them and everyone in my community proud,” he said. Let’s not forget what this guy’s really like.

His violence is on tape:

A newly released videotape shows State Sen. Hiram Monserrate pulling his girlfriend away from a neighbor’s door after he allegedly slashed her face in a jealous rage, prosecutors said.

The argument spilled into the hallway, where surveillance video captured a frightened, bleeding woman in distress ringing the bell of a neighbor, prosecutors said. That’s when she was grabbed roughly by Monserrate, and the force caused her to drop a towel pressed to her face, prosecutors said.

And don’t forget their make-up dinner, which included reporters and Monseratte being creepy, gross:

Asked what they planned for the rest of the night, Monserrate grinned and said, “What do you think we’ll do later?”

The choice is yours, New York. The alternative: Francisco Moya, whose team is now working tirelessly to come up with transparent euphemisms for “crazy bottle-slashing horndog motherfucker.”

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