Is Richard Johnson Out at Page Six, Headed For Millions at the Hollywood Reporter? UPDATE: Or on Vacation!


Gossip master Richard Johnson, the boss at the New York Post‘s Page Six, appears to have been removed from the site’s logo, leaving Emily Smith as the bold name, with Stephanie Smith and Tara Palmerias to follow, as pointed out by watchful tweeter Nick Rizzo. This comes just one month after Gawker reported that Johnson had been offered a million dollar package by Richard Beckman in an attempt to reinvent the Hollywood Reporter. At the time, “Johnson was prepared to accept the job,” though Post editor-in-chief Col Allan (ahem) “refused to let Johnson out of the contract he renewed last year, which will keep him at the paper for another couple of years.” It appears not! Hmmm.

Sunday afternoons are a tricky time to get a hold of reporters (drunk, hungover or drinking) and PR flacks alike, but we’re on the case. Updates as they come! And let us know if you know anything.

UPDATE: Yahoo’s The Upshot media reporter chimes in noting that the Page Six print edition indicates that Johnson is traveling. If this is the case, it seems especially meritocratic of the Post to alter the logo for summer vacation.