The Chelsea Clinton Wedding Lacked Oprah, Other Promised Famous People


Even adults think their parents are a little lame. Sure, most grown people come to terms with their adolescent authority angst, but even little Malia and Sasha will probably never think Daddy is as ice cold as the rest of the world does. So what must Chelsea Clinton think about Bill and Hillary being the most high-profile guests at her wedding? Right, right — she hates the spotlight. But the celebrity guests that showed for the marital soiree in Rhinebeck were just a bit sad, especially after all the hype. I mean… Ted Danson? That’s all you’ve got?

The New York Times did what they could with limited access, assembling a fun-enough account of last night’s Social Event of the Summer, but alluding to the difficulty of reporting even in their headline, “Town Elbows Its Way Into Clinton Wedding.” Readers get confirmation on all of the crucial info like dress designer (Vera Wang) and Bill’s weight loss (15-20 pounds), but the article is also stuffed with minutiae like the “dozen brown milk cows” in a nearby field.

Most surprising, though, is a rundown of the guestlist. It turns out no one good was even invited:

While the media and local residents have been buzzing for months about celebrities who were expected here — including Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg and John Major, the former British prime minister — none of those particular bold-faced names were invited.

In the very next paragraph, we get an odd caveat:

Still, there was star power: One of the most prominent guests was Vernon Jordan, a longtime confidant of Mr. Clinton’s and a family friend.

Him? Admittedly, “he was not generally recognized,” being mistaken for both a dead man and Warren Buffet.

But, ladies and gentlemen, Ted Danson was in the building:

The media pack surrounded the actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, who are married, with the force of a sudden summer storm. “We must be the only celebrities in town,” Mr. Danson said. “I’m sorry.”

Us, too.

Town Elbows Its Way Into Clinton Wedding [NYT]

photo by Genevieve De Manio for the Times

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