A Lana Turner/Cheryl Crane Photo Totem Pole


With Hollywood sweater girl Lana Turner for a mama, Cheryl Crane was bound for a life of nonstop rollicking glamour, right?


Cheryl was continually raped by her stepfather, screen Tarzan Lex Barker, who loved giving her “rough baths” by day and sexually torturing her at night.

When she found out, Lana sent Lex packing on the next vine.

And Cheryl ended up returning the favor in macabre fashion.

In 1958, when Lana was being life-threatened by a man — her then-beau, D-list hood Johnny Stompanato — Cheryl was the one who reportedly took action.

As legend has it, she seized a kitchen knife for an act of “justifiable homicide” that led her to reform school, a mental home, and the history books (though her main crime is that her actions paved the way for the “loosely based” schlock film Where Love Has Gone).

But that was then. Today, Cheryl is a happy lesbian.

And thanks to this extraordinary photo totem pole, we can take in Cheryl’s family legacy and the burning love she had for mama Lana, no matter how many times she wore those damned pearls.

PS: Stompanato once pointed a gun at Lana’s Another Time, Another Place co-star Sean Connery in a jealous rage, but the Scottish actor wasn’t having it.

Connery proceeded to grab the gun, whoop Stompanato with it, and drive him off the set.

His unofficial audition for 007?