Chelsea Clinton’s Extremely Discreet Wedding Planner Speaks About Confidentiality, Porta-Potties


Here’s an unexpected twist in the Chelsea Clinton nuptial secrecy: It was the wedding planner’s idea! Or so says Bryan Rafanelli, organizer of the so-called event of the year, finally revealing the truth about all that Clinton coyness in an article in the New York Times that’s distinctly less confidential than the agreements he reportedly insisted on with vendors. Which may explain why Bill showed up on Saturday and glad-handed all over town: Secrecy was not his idea! Of course it wasn’t!

“This is how I run my business, protecting the privacy of my clients,” Mr. Rafanelli said, chatting at the Beekman Arms, the stately inn that was a focal point of the weekend before the Saturday-night ceremony at the Astor Courts estate on the Hudson River.

He said that while he put a lid on the nearly two dozen vendors involved, there was no similar lockdown on the 450 guests. Guests, he said, simply understood that the Clintons would not be happy if they blabbed publicly.


Rafanelli would not say how much the wedding cost, but claimed that the toilets did not cost $15,000. Which is all we really wanted to know.

Anyway, we hope this is the last gasp regarding Chelsea’s wedding of the millennium, which, being a wedding of the millennium, is hard to let go of. But let’s all try really, really hard. Maybe with some distance, we can move on to being devastated by Bristol and Levi’s breakup over his presumed baby daddying on the side, and how their wedding, the actual rightful wedding of the millennium, will never be. Unless he sends her some really convincing text messages.

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