Drunk Girl at Park Slope Crime Scene: Pour la Forme (Video)


If you’re still hungover from the weekend, who can blame you? Summer’s almost gone, and with it, a certain stripe of dumb, drunken deviance the heat tends to, uh, inspire. Like this drunk girl stumbling around the wrong side of police tape in the middle of a Park Slope crime scene.

The description on the video — uploaded by YouTube user mtstiles — notes:

Police investigating a fatal stabbing/beating in Park Slope, Brooklyn are interrupted by a girl whom they had escorted up the street. She returned after realizing she left one of her friends at the bar…

But why is she on the other side of the police tape? Watch as this clearly intoxicated (but shockingly lucid) young lady shitfacedly explains to the cops — assisted by our narrators and videographers — what the hell she’s doing on the wrong side of the police tape.

Yes, you heard that correctly:

“I forgot about Juice but realized he was black and that he probably wouldn’t get across the police line unless I tried.”

And by “tried” she likely means “vouched for him as a white person.” On one side of this, you have the assumption that a young black man wouldn’t be able to get past the police line of a crime he didn’t commit because he’s black, which is to say, the young black man is inherently suspect, which is racist. But a step beyond this and this young woman is taking note of police procedure, noting that the cops wouldn’t let him beyond it if he was black, which isn’t racist so much as it’s attempting to typify NYPD behavior. Which, as we all know, she did, successfully. Young Brooklynite Woman, you win Monday’s “Real Talk” award. Because that was rad. And hysterical.

Update: Well, maybe her actions weren’t entirely (arbitrarily) unfounded, given the completely insane and terrifying nature of what appears to be the crime in question.