Is There $10,000 Buried in New York City? Maybe.


You may have heard: Two guys who wish to remain anonymous and who produce puppet videos are promoting a scheme in which they’ve allegedly buried a wooden chest containing $10,000 in golden dollar coins (an alloy of copper, zinc, manganese, and nickel) somewhere in the five boroughs (but not Central Park). Do we believe this? Does it matter? Buried treasure is always exciting, real or fictionalized, right? Especially on a Monday…

The duo says that eight puppet-pirate-themed videos that contain clues as to the location of the gold will be released weekly (starting yesterday) on their website, Watch and solve the mystery of where the gold is — or just watch, as the case may be, since they’re at least moderately entertaining and may include a walk the plank reference or two. As for the gold, if you find it, it’s yours.

Like anything in these modern times, this is not only a scheme for the love of pirates or Jim Henson or because these guys happen to be rather eccentric. It’s so they can promote their video-making business! Which means anonymity will only go so far as it drives attention to the cause (citing personal safety as a reason for keeping mum is a surefire way to get more attention, right? See: Chelsea’s wedding) and, eventually, gets them a less-anonymous gig or 10,000.

But, seriously, where might the gold be? East River? Goldman Sachs? First video here:

[via New York Times]

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