John Cameron Mitchell Wants You to Stay in His Caribbean House


He’s already given you Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Nicole Kidman‘s upcoming film Rabbit Hole, which he’s directed.

And now John Cameron Mitchell and his buddy, Brent, have an offer for their friends.

They happen to have a house on the island of Vieques (off the east coast of Puerto Rico), and, as Mitchell put it in a mass email, “We’re seeking folks to stay for free in return for making the place more lovely.

“It’s a small rough-and-ready two-story house on a hill overlooking the ocean. There’s a beach 20 minutes from everywhere and it’s a great place to collapse, make art, rethink your life. Perfect for a recession.

“We prefer that you stay for AT LEAST A MONTH so we don’t have to be hotel clerks and that you overlap for a day with the outgoing and incoming housesitter to show the ropes.”

All you have to do is undertake a project involved in sprucing up the house and making things more aesthetically pleasant.

God! If I were the least bit handy, I’d be cashing in these chips pronto and heading to Vieques instead of puttering around my apartment and rearranging the plastic flowers.

That makes my inch really angry!