Located! Most Expensive Parking Spot in New York: $110,000


When you have more money that you know what to do with, and also a car, you need: the city’s most expensive parking spot, ever, or at least, in recent memory. Which exists in Brooklyn Heights, according to Brownstoner. What better way to throw around your excessive dollars than with a high-priced home for your Bugatti or Smart Car or whatever?

For those keeping score at home, a parking spot at 60 State Street closed earlier this month for the eyebrow-raising price of $110,000. By comparison, a spot at a new condo development on Williamsburg’s Northside just went for $50,912.

Seriously, what kind of car do you need to drive to make $110,000 a wise investment for a parking spot? Maybe you can multitask and use the space for your own accommodations as well. Oh, what are we talking about, it’s only $9,100 a month, which makes the unlimited or maybe unlimited MetroCard for $130 sound damn near a bargain. GPS that.

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