Morning Links: Static Kill to Start Today in the Gulf; LiLo Enters Rehab


•  Engineers in the Gulf of Mexico hope to start the “static kill” today on the damaged well — basically, pumping mud and then cement into the well, then doing the same through a relief well to end the leak for good. (Hopefully.) For now, the cap continues to prevent oil from leaking. [NYT]

•  President Obama has said all U.S. troops will be gone from Iraq by the end of next year. [Yahoo]

• Lindsay Lohan was released from jail at 1:35 a.m. after serving 13 or 14 days (depending on how you time it) of her 90-day sentence. She’s in rehab for 90 days at UCLA Medical Center, reportedly undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder and addiction. [NYP]

• Authorities are searching for two of three convicted killers — Tracy Province and John McCluskey — who escaped from an Arizona prison. They kidnapped two truck drivers and hijacked their 18-wheeler, then released them five hours later. They’re considered armed and dangerous. [CNN]

• Geese are just the tip of the iceberg. The feds have also killed starlings, foxes, blackbirds, otters, squirrels…[NYMag]

• Burlesque is heading uptown. You know, to the Plaza. [WSJ]

• Summer Stage will offer free bike valet service throughout August in East River Park. [The Lo-Down]

• Chelsea is married. Thank God that’s over and done with. [Politico]