This is What It Looks Like When Someone Jumps on the Subway Tracks and Lives (Video)


Obviously we wouldn’t show you YouTube footage of someone getting run over by an F-Train, I think. But we take no issue in showing you a YouTube video of some woman jumping on the track, lying down, and then being pulled out before the train comes because she realizes she jumped on the subway tracks.

Apparently, this lady was in some kind of fight with a friend, the logical conclusion of which was to jump onto the subway tracks in a desperate cry for attention, or…something. The description on YouTube:

It began when the girl got into a fight with her girlfriend or friends or somthing and out of anger she jumped inside the tracks beggin the train to come and hit her. Some lady had to pour beer on her to get her out….And of course the girl got arrested. Made a scene for nothing. What a fool!

I mean, falling into the subway tracks is every non-suicidal New Yorker’s worst fear, or it has to be among them. Hasn’t this scenario played out in everyone in New York’s head at least once?

Craziness. It’s not like there’s a lesson here or anything. You just know: Don’t. Go. On. The. Subway. Tracks. But at least now you know what it looks like when someone does.

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