Virgin Seal Gets a Taste of Romance, First Kiss, and Maybe More…


I mean, really, given our adorable animal obsession, how could we not blog about this? Bernie, the New York Aquarium’s only harbor seal, has a new girlfriend, Coral, who moved to his exhibit this month from Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, L.I.

Aquarium staff feared that Bernie, the virginal seal who never associated with anyone in his own species (sea lions are his roommates), would shrug off a potential mate. But oh, no, not this old seal.

Once Coral settled in, Bernie got right back in the saddle and started smooching his new companion, doing what biologists call a breath exchange, which bonds creatures together. Three-year-old Coral is 20 years younger than Bernie, but their age difference, scandalous for (some) humans, is a non-issue for seals.

The staff is unsure whether they made it past first base, but they suspect that the duo did the deed in private — what modest sea creatures!

“It’s changed Bernie considerably — he’s much more active and engaged,” Jon Dohlin, the aquarium’s director told the Daily News. “It’s really perked him up.” Yep, Bernie’s got his groove back. Now, if only twentysomething men had as much game as Bernie the romantic seal!

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