Which Diet Sodas Taste the Best?


As someone who’s obsessively tried every imaginable brand and flavor out there, I can definitively tell you which diet sodas manage to most closely replicate the taste of real sodas.

And that’s not an easy feat considering they basically have to imitate a delightful mix of chemicals and corn syrup by merely putting together chemicals with more chemicals.

In descending order of divinity, the most delicious ones are:

(1) Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale

(2) Sprite Zero

(3) Diet Sunkist Orange

(4) Diet Mountain Dew

(5) Diet Dr. Pepper

(6) Diet Coke

(7) Diet Pepsi

(8) Coke Zero

(9) Diet Seven-Up

The tragedy of all this is that I’m always ordering my number six choice at bars because they would never dare to have the infinitely superior Diet Ginger Ale in stock!

It’s just too obscure!