Anamanaguchi Post Das Racist Remix, Promise To Release the Scott Pilgrim Video Game Soundtrack Somehow


One detail that didn’t emerge during our long conversation with Brooklyn chiptune composers Anamanaguchi, regarding their wish-fulfilling project of scoring the Scott Pilgrim videogame, was whether or not the band planned to release the tracks separately. So we wrote guitarist/NES guru Peter Berkman, who told us, “We’re working out the details on the soundtrack. Hope we get it figured out soon!” But no fear about the logistics, @StrikerObi, Berkman promises that, one way or another, you will be able to have Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game MP3s on your iPod, wink wink.

In the meantime, Anamanaguchi have continued with their free-download summer-singles project of posting online two new songs, every two weeks, with custom cover art. Last Friday they blessed the Internerd with, “My Skateboard Will Go On,” an ebullient kick-flipping road-rager about “saying ‘eff it’ and sk8ing by yourself on the bike path.” The B-Side is the Das Racist remix “R4inbow in the D4rk,” which sounds like Himanshu and Victor brought Q-Bert on as hypeman. The animated-gif cover art has, as you can see from one frame above, nothing to do with skating and everything to do with the internet conversation. Perhaps they will integrate self-haunted Ann Kirsten Kennis into their live visuals when they play the First Lutheran Church on August 13?

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