Burgers for Cons in Brooklyn


What’s the first thing you want to eat when you break out of the slammer?

If it’s a bourgeois burger, you may be in luck. A stroll down Atlantic Avenue today reveals a papered-over restaurant-to-be at 282 Atlantic — directly across the street from the Brooklyn Detention Complex.

Owned by a company called “Lions 95,” the establishment applied for its liquor license back in April. Neighbors report it’s going to be “a burger something or other,” though they haven’t spied workers since June. Its trimmings recall other establishments oozing the now-ubiquitous Brooklyn Charm, such as Henry Public and Café Pedlar.

Calls to the owner and the local community board have not been returned, but fingers crossed that someday soon you can settle up at H.P. Mavica Bail Bond, a/k/a “The Bail Lady,” and head directly next door for a $17 burger and an artisanal cocktail.

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